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Component.pngSMW TypeSMW_TypeSMW_Typesan SMW_Type is a data type which determines the possible values for that type e.g. a Boolean can hold true/false values while a Number can hold 3.1459 or 20. A Page can hold the name of a Wiki page see


17 SMW_Types:

SMW TypesTelephone numberHolds international telephone numbers based on the RFC 3966 standard_tel Telephone numberTypes/Telephone number
SMW TypesCodeHolds technical, pre-formatted texts (similar to type Text)_cod CodeTypes/CodeString
SMW TypesExternal identifierHolds a value that associates it with with a external URI for formatting_eid External identifierTypes/External identifier
SMW TypesTextHolds text of arbitrary length_txt TextTypes/TextString
SMW TypesReferenceHolds a value that associates it to individual defined provenance metadata record_ref_rec ReferenceTypes/Reference
SMW TypesAnnotation URIHolds URIs, but has some technical differences during export compared to the 'URL' type_anu URITypes/Annotation URI
SMW TypesQuantityHolds values that describe quantities, containing both a number and a unit_qty QuantityTypes/Quantity
SMW TypesEmailHolds e-mail addresses_ema EmailTypes/Email
SMW TypesMonolingual textHolds a text value that associates the annotation with a specific language code_mlt_rec Monolingual textTypes/Monolingual text
SMW TypesURLHolds URIs, URNs and URLs_uri URLTypes/
SMW TypesDateHolds particular points in time_dat DateTypes/Datejava.util.Date
SMW TypesBooleanHolds boolean (true/false) values_boo BooleanTypes/Booleanboolean
SMW TypesPageHolds names of wiki pages, and displays them as a link_wpg PageTypes/Page
SMW TypesTemperatureHolds temperature values (similar to type Quantity)_tem TemperatureTypes/Temperature
SMW TypesRecordAllows saving compound property values that consist of a short list of values with fixed type and order_rec RecordTypes/Record
SMW TypesGeographic coordinateHolds coordinates describing geographic locations_geo Geographic coordinateTypes/Geographic coordinate
SMW TypesNumberHolds integer and decimal numbers, with an optional exponent_num NumberTypes/Number