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name  documentation
label  documentation
type  Special:Types/Text
index  2
primary key  false
mandatory  false
size  50
uploadable  false
documentation  The documentation of this Semantic Media Wiki type
values from  
isLink  false
allow nulls?  
topic  Concept:SMW_Type

Text This is a Property with type Special:Types/Text

Showing 17 pages using this property.
Holds international telephone numbers based on the [ RFC 3966 standard]  +
Holds technical, pre-formatted texts (similar to type Text)  +
Holds a value that associates it with with a external URI for formatting  +
Holds text of arbitrary length  +
Holds a value that associates it to individual defined provenance metadata record  +
Holds URIs, but has some technical differences during export compared to the 'URL' type  +
Holds values that describe quantities, containing both a number and a unit  +
Holds e-mail addresses  +
Holds a text value that associates the annotation with a specific language code  +
Holds URIs, URNs and URLs  +
Holds particular points in time  +
Holds boolean (true/false) values  +
Holds names of wiki pages, and displays them as a link  +
Holds temperature values (similar to type Quantity)  +
Allows saving compound property values that consist of a short list of values with fixed type and order  +
Holds coordinates describing geographic locations  +
Holds integer and decimal numbers, with an optional exponent  +