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Index.pngTopicTopicTopicsA Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/Entity


A Topic is a Concept/Class/Thing/Entity

Example Topics

Action, City, Context, Country, Event, EventSeries, Fixme, GlossaryEntry, Institution, OsProject, Paper, Proceedings, Property, Query, Reference, Region, SMW Type, Scholar, Task, Ticket, Topic, TopicLink


Topic cargoShould the Topic be stored using the Cargo Extension?Types/Booleancargouse cargofalsefalse
Topic contextTypes/Pagecontextcontext
Topic defaultstoremodeThe default storemode of the topicTypes/Textdefaultstoremodedefault storemodenone,property,subobjectfalsefalse
Topic documentationThe plaintext documentation of a Topic. Please do not use markup for this.Types/Textdocumentationdocumentationfalsefalse
Topic headerTabsshall the forms be generated with header tabs?Types/BooleanheaderTabsheaderTabsfalsefalse
Topic iconan Icon for the topicTypes/Pageiconiconfalsetrue
Topic iconUrlthe url of an iconTypes/CodeiconUrlicon Urlfalsefalse
Topic listLimitWhat is the default #ask list limit for this Topic?Types/NumberlistLimitlist Limitfalsefalse
Topic nameThe name of the topicTypes/Textnamenametruefalse
Topic pluralNameThe plural of a topic name. E.g. for the topic 'City' the pluralName is 'Cities'. If no pluralName is specified an 's' is appended. E.g. for the topic 'Book' the default pluralName is 'Books'Types/TextpluralNamepluralNamefalsefalse
Topic wikiDocumentationDocumentation of the Topic using MediaWiki / Semantic Mediawiki markupTypes/TextwikiDocumentationwikiDocumentationfalsefalse


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