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EventLogo-64px.pngEventEventEventsa meeting of researchers at a specific time and place


a meeting of researchers at a specific time and place (virtual or physical) and with a specific thematic focus to present, hear and discuss research outputs

Example Events

38th IATUL Conference, AHFE 2019, CIKM 2020, CoopIS 2019, ECCV 2020, ECDL 2009, ER 2006, ESWC 2020, ICRE 1998, ICSE 2000, ISEM 2012, ISEM 2013, ISWC 2013, ISWC 2019, ISWC 2020, JCDL 2020, K-CAP 2019, LAK 2015, LDOW 2014, NAACL 2019, ODBASE 2019, POPL97, SAC 2019, SEMANTiCS 2019


Event acronymThe official acronym of the academic event, if it has one.Types/textacronymacronymfalsefalse
Event cityTypes/Pagecitycity
Event countryTypes/Pagecountrycountry
Event homepageThe homepage of the eventTypes/urlhomepagehomepagefalsefalse
Event regionTypes/Pageregionregion
Event seriesTypes/Pageseriesseries
Event stateTypes/Pagestatestate
Event wikidataidThe wikidataid of the eventTypes/External identifierwikidataidwikidataidfalsefalse


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